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We preserve and revitalize Inland Northwest forests, water, and wildlife through advocacy, education, effective action, and community engagement.

We collaborate with a broad range of interested parties to seek smart and mutually respectful solutions to environment and health issues.

We're enriched by the beauty of nature. We're energized by the recreational opportunities it affords. And we're inspired to preserve its legacy for future generations.

At The Lands Council, that's the work we do, every day!


Endangered Caribou Critical Habitat 

 Please write comments by April 23rd and help protect caribou!

A coalition of conservation groups, including the Lands Council filed a lawsuit in 2013 challenging the US Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS) decision to cut more than 90% of protected critical habitat for the endangered mountain caribou from a proposed 375,562 acres to a mere 30,010 acres. But a federal judge ordered the USFWS to reconsider this decision!

Please tell USFWS not to take away protections for caribou!  Please ask them to designate the full recovery option of 375,000 acres.  

Go to the Federal eRulemaking Portal: 


The USFWS has proposed downgrading the Selkirk herd's status from "endangered" to "threatened" but after the Canadian Wildlife Services recently upgraded the populations status to endangered!

The science based proposed critical habitat issued in 2011 included more than 375,000 acres, which encompassed a majority of the area specified in the scientists plan as necessary for the animals recovery. In cutting this proposed acreage by more than 90%, the US Fish and Wildlife Service obviously chose to abandon the goal of recovering caribou in the contiguous United States.  

The mountain caribou population has dwindled drastically in recent decades because of very low survival rates for newborn calves with their habitat being encroached by snowmobiles, and the access those trails provides to predators.

Caribou once ranged across much of northern Rocky Mountains, upper Midwest and Northeast. The last remaining population in the northern Rocky Mountains  barely hangs on in the Selkirk Mountains of northeast Washington and northern Idaho. Mountain caribou are a unique form of woodland caribou, with dinner-plate-sized hooves that work like snowshoes, they are adapted to surviving winters of deep snow and have the ability to subsist for three to four months on nothing but arboreal lichens found on old-growth trees. The Selkirk caribou are part of a population that straddles the border with British Columbia and now consists of fewer than 30 animals.


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