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What is The Beaver Solution? Simply put, it is allowing beavers to do what they do naturally; build dams that store water and create wetlands, which slowly purify and release water to increase flows in the late summer. After hearing that the Washington State Department of Ecology was investigating several locations to build large new dams on canyon tributaries to the Columbia River to store early spring runoff and release it late in the summer, The Lands Council proposed a unique alternative: The Beaver Solution

Grants from many agencies, along with support from members like YOU, are funding our work as we find locations to reintroduce beavers throughout Eastern Washington. Simultaneously, we are planting thousands of trees to expand beaver habitat potential, along with resolving conflicts so that beaver families can maintain existing wetlands without posing problems to landowners.
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What's new:

  • Man vs. Nature: by Daniel Walters, The Inlander, July 3, 2014. The outdoors can be a bit hard to tame - but for restoration ecologist Joe Cannon, that's part of why it's worth preserving.
  • The Kindness of Beavers: Daily KOS blog by Badger - A fun read about the fires in Wenatchee area and the need for water, thanks to beavers.

  • Atlantic Magazine article- June 2012- "Leave it to Beavers" by David Ferry

  • House Bill 2349, a plan for better beaver management, was passed into law by Gov. Chris Gregoire on March 29th, 2012! The Lands Council has been lobbying for this bill with the help of Senator Joel Kretz, Andy Billig and many other State Representatives. Listen to the webcast of one of our hearings. Amanda Parrish has a testimony 25 minutes in!

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